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Busy little bee -

You make the colors that we see -

Thank thank you little bee


This motive consists of bees. The tiny, friendly insects that make all of these prints possible. The little pollinators give our nature a lush and colorful environment and they are a vital part of our ecological future. This print is a homage to the little creatures responsible for making our lives bright and vibrant. 


Product description: 

Size 50 x 70 cm. 
All artwork is printed on high-quality 310gsm fine art paper, with a matte watercolor texture that gives a unique structure.

The paper is 100% cotton, bright white, and acid-free.
Limited edition giclée prints only made in 50 copies.
Every print is signed on the back and has a certificate of authenticity.
Print packaging is 100% recyclable. The prints are wrapped in light tissue paper.

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