ABOUT ALB. Interior and home decoration store


My name is Anette Locander Barløse. The founder by ALB.

I’m a danish artist and decorator. In 2012 I stopped my full-time job as a decorator to focus on my paintings. My artistic journey started when I travelled to Quebec City, Canada with my husband. Here I started on more colorful and detailed portraits.
In December 2015, my husband and I moved to Malaga, Spain, where I find much of my inspiration in the nature and surroundings around the Mediterranean. 
In 2018 our wonderful children was born. It has been our greatest experience and it was love at first sight, that grows more for everyday.

I paint mainly with watercolors. I like the different contrasts  watercolor provides, from light brush strokes to dark and intense.

It is important for me, the quality is in order. For me, print is not just a print. But also the material it is printed on and therefor the quality is carefully selected for my designs and products.

The giclée print, I paint everything in watercolor. I found a company in North of Spain that print high quality art print. It is always a pleasure to work with people who see the small details and are committed to their work as I.

My new product line with pillows and table runners. I have spent 1.5 years. With testing various fabrics. I found a company her in Spain. That make the most amazing organic cotton fabrics, which are soft as butter. It has been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to make more organic products.

The things you see here on the website are made with lots of colors and love. I hope you like it.


Flowers and fruits below-

My colorful rainbow

Have a lovely day! All the best, Anette.