Eriobotrya Japonica wall art
Loquat wall art
Eriobotrya Japonica wall art


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Flying around thinking what to do -

Along came another and there where two -

Found it’s way to our fruit trees -

Happiness brought by the golden bees 



Although the pronunciation can be difficult, the lovely fruit and tree has sweet plums and is simply stunning. It is also referred to as Japanese or Chinese plum; the tree and its beautiful orangish yellow plums are mainly used for its fruits and its leaves for tea in China. This beautiful tree and its fruits thrive around the Mediterranean, especially here in Andalusia. 


Product description: 

Size 50 x 70 cm. 
All artwork is printed on high-quality 310gsm fine art paper, with a matte watercolor texture that gives a unique structure.

The paper is 100% cotton, bright white, and acid-free.
Limited edition giclée prints only made in 50 copies.
Every print is signed on the back and has a certificate of authenticity.
Print packaging is 100% recyclable. The prints are wrapped in light tissue paper.

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